An iOS7 and iOS8 simple alert

In iOS8 the code to show a simple alert to the user is completely changed. UIAlertView is now deprecated:

alert deprecated

The new class is UIAlertController and it is not complex to use (more in a minute). But we also want to support our iOS7 users, so wouldn’t it be nice to have a single class handling the different code? This is what we are going to create in this post.

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Swift JSON Parser – Part 3

Sometimes it happens to me to observe my code and to say: “no, these things should be made differently”. Then I go into “refactoring”. I think this is an important step of every programmer. Don’t be afraid to refactor (don’t listen to the voice inside you: “… don’t touch that code! Nothing will work correctly after changing this single byte …”): code is something always in evolution (and in test …).

Seeing the code of Part 2 I don’t like two different callbacks to be passed to the start method:

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Swift JSON Parser – Part 2

In this post we continue the development of a JSON Parser starting from the previous one: Swift JSON Parser – Part 1.

Let us begin handling the “something went wrong” part.

Error handling strategy

Two types of “bad things” can happen:

  1. The parser has an error before looping on the elements of the array: this can be a reader error or the json returned is not of type [AnyObject?]
  2. The parser starts but has an error on one of the element inside the loop

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