Pragma conf 2016 in Verona

This was, as usual, a great occasion to hear from the iOS developer world and to exchange ideas with other developers.

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Some highlights from the conference:

Spotify’s John Sundell told us how they build ios dynamic interfaces based on server side generated json.


Ayaka Nonaka did a great job teaching us how to contribute to the Swift Open Source Project.


Matthias Tretter about making our app more accessible.


Kateryna Gridina on app search. No photo of this session but I wanted to include it anyway because I studied before this “articulated” topic, but thanks to her now it’s clearer.

Krzysztof Zabłocki on ios app architecture.


Many thanks to all the speakers and … until next year:

Valerio Ferrucci

Valerio Ferrucci (valfer) develops software on Apple Macintosh since the 1990s until today for MacOS, OSX and, since some years, iOS. He is also a Web (PHP/MySQL/JS/CSS) and Android Developer.

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