iOS8 PopDatePicker as a Framework

One of the news of iOS8 is that we can now simply create framework to separate, organize and reuse our code (it wasn’t impossible before but it was more complex).

In some simple steps we will see how to create a version of our PopDatePicker (see A simple iOS PopDatePicker) built as a separate framework.


Create the workspace

In XCode create a new workspace named “PopDatePickerWorkSpace”


Then add to it the project PopDatePickerApp of the previous article:


Now you have a workspace containing one project:


Create the framework

Now create a new project from the template “Cocoa Touch Framework”:


Click Next:


And then tell XCode to add the new project to the Workspace PopDatePickerWorkSpace, Group: PopDatePickerWorkSpace.


Now your workspace should appear as in the figure:


Move the code

Then we must move all the code related to the PopDatePicker widget inside the new framework. Drag and drop the 3 files:

  • PopDatePicker.swift
  • PopDateViewController.swift
  • PopDateViewController.xib

from the project PopDatePickerApp to the PopDatePicker project:

Then delete them from the PopDatePickerApp project:


Include the framework in the app

Select the target of the app (PopDatePickerApp) and in the tab “General” section “Embedded Binaries” click the “+” button to add the framework PopDatePicker to the app:


At the top of the ViewController.swift file in the app add the import command:

 And then … crash!

If you clean the project, start the app and tap on the date text field the app … just crashes! Why?

The error is:

Remember the line to load the Xib file in PopDateViewController.swift?

The nil parameter says: “search this Xib in the main bundle”. But now we are in a separate bundle, not the main!

The Fix

To fix the bug just indicate that the Xib is in our sub-bundle, the one with bundle identifier “it.tabasoft.PopDatePicker”:


And the bug is fixed.


Probably we don’t want to use frameworks if we deploy also for iOS7. But, just in case, begin to know them waiting for the moment we will drop iOS7 compatibility (not so near future).

The code of the entire project, as usual, can be found in my GitHub Repository.

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  1. Now that I’ve done both of these tutorials, how do I implement and use the PopDatePicker?

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